September 30, 2023

Modern And Aesthetic Sliding Doors From Rimadesio

velaria sliding doors for office

The sliding door is the best choice for you who love the open concept, though so choose a sliding door design that matches the theme of the room can be a difficult job. Italian design firm Rimadesio answered it all by producing a modern sliding door system in various finishes and bringing continuity into the room. This sliding door proposes an architectural concept that allows to limit the different spaces, while maintaining a strong sense of unity as a whole. A good combination between transparency, reflection, and color to a dynamic interior relate to one another, with the space and furnishings into the overall design.

The overall vision combines technological innovations with a variety of styles, with a view to creating an increasingly appropriate space for each individual. This sliding door uses aluminum and glass, which we know are two natural materials that are environmentally friendly and are always used for aesthetic and functional solutions. Now their collection are used in residential applications, office and retail, this door system is made specifically to fit the particular room. Let’s see!

velaria sliding door designs


sliding door graphic plus


graphic plus sliding door dividers


graphic light sliding doors for closet dividers


graphic light sliding doors


modern soho sliding doors


simple soho sliding door designs


sail sliding doors


sail sliding door for hallway decor


modern stripe sliding doors


stripe sliding doors for man closet


siparium sliding doors


siparium sliding door design


daimon sliding doors


daimon sliding door for masculin room

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