Mid-Century Modern Pet Furniture by Modernist Cat

mid-century modern pet furniture

Are you a pet lover? Or even have some pets at home. Having a pet is really fun, their funny and adorable behavior can be entertainment in the midst of our super-dense activities. But have pets too little inconvenient, especially if you have a cat that always make stuff in your house a mess. Keeping your litter box so that you don’t see it when you want to leave your house is not an easy job, let alone being accessed by your cat friends can be a difficult thing to manage. Modernist Cat has found the most practical solution to overcome your problem by creating a mid-century inspired cabinets, designed to hide and store your cat’s litter box.

Available in a variety of colors and choices to suit your needs, the wardrobe can be used as a litter box containers, a comfortable hiding spot for your cat, or even a seat for you. Doors are designed to be free of hardware that is useful to make it easier for you to clean and change waste regardless of placement in your home. All cabinets are made of high-quality walnut wood with a waterproof finish, which can be left natural or painted. Not only works as a litter box, furniture pieces also add style and aesthetics to the interior of your home.

mid century modern cat litter box


mid century wallnut wood pet furniture


modern cat furniture


mid century modern cat litter box containers


mid century modern cat furniture for your interior


mid century wallnut wood cat furniture


modern cat furniture design

source: contemporist

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