December 1, 2021

15 Minimalist Japanese Bathroom With Zen Elements

minimalist japanese bathroom decor

Since the first Japanese is known for its minimalist style, clean and contain zen elements, it also makes the bathroom design is much in demand by many people. Now you do not need much to change an ordinary bathroom into a more Japanese style, just take a few easy steps, as shown in this article. You need to keep everything so clean and simple, if you want to have minimalist bathroom style then you only really need one or two pieces of primary focus to make the right style, such as using plants or wooden benches to create a Japanese bathroom design. Besides clean, Japanese bathroom is also famous zen decor that takes use of natural elements. The color scheme is based on earth tones as green plants, stone gray and warm wood tones. This post will show Japanese bathroom with great use of wood for everything from flooring, tub and sink. Simple ideas like a teak shower mat or bamboo blinds are great pieces to start with. Stones and plants also play a big role in a Zen bathroom. Here are 15 great ideas for realizing your dreamy Japanese bathroom, get inspired!

wood japanese bathroom style


stylish japanese bathroom with bathtub design


japanese bathroom with zen elements


simple japanese bathroom with large wall tiles


minimalist japanese shower with rocks and tiles


japanese bathtub with natural accents


japanese bathroom with fountain ideas


modern japanese bathroom with horizontal wood panel


cozy japanese spa bathrooms


wooden japanese style bathroom


japanese style bathroom soaking tubs


traditional japanese bathroom style


natural japanese bathroom with zen style


clean japanese bathroom with wooden elements

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