September 30, 2023

10 Cozy Rooms for Cold and Rainy Days

cozy bedroom with headboard plants

For some reason I really like the rain, probably because of the rain always makes me feeling comfortable and the cold rain always reminds me of some sweet memories that never passed. And the best time when it rains is to be at home with some good books or enjoy a cup of hot coffee while looking at the raindrops from the house window. If that’s all you need then you need a comfortable room to do so, I guess it does not have to always be in the bedroom for any room in your house will look comfortable with the right decor. The first thing you have to have for a rainy day is to get rid of all the window curtains, quilts, table lamp, favorite books, and do not forget a cup of coffee or hot tea. If you want more evoke memories, music is the best way that you can try. Today I will take you to see the comfortable rooms for cold and rainy days. So be prepared for warm huddled in blankets or daydreaming at the window with a sweet inspirations below!

cozy workspace with rain view


cozy dining area with see window rains


cozy lounge chairs with rain views


cozy loft beds for rainy days


cozy beds with books


super cozy coffee table for rainy days


lovely cozy room decor with rain view


cozy home office with rain view


rainy days with cozy bedrooms

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