February 1, 2023

Unique Classic French Furniture From Lila Jang

unique sofa with one leg to the wall

An artist from South Korea, Lila Jang make creations with classic French furniture from the 18th century into something unique. Lila combines in his art humanist side of it. The result of this furniture as if dancing and live. Imagine a wardrobe that is tired of standing in the corner of the room, so she stuck her tongue down. Or an elegant sofa seat, but turns into a naughty by raising one leg to the wall, Lila said in its website. The idea began when Lila moved to a small apartment in the city of Paris to continue his studies. One way to incorporate furniture to the house is by sliding and tilting objects earlier. That’s where the idea originated and combine with their wild imagination.

unique french cabinet furniture


unique chair furniture


unique chair designs

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