5 Easy Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

easy feng shui home tips

Feng shui was developed more than 3.000 years ago, feng shui is an art form and the knowledge of Chinese complex, follow the ‘laws of Heaven’ (Chinese astronomy) and Earth. In the development feng shui has opened the way into the design of West interior. Feng shui is considered as a science in the energy balance of particular place to ensure the health and good fortune of the people who inhabit the place. In Chinese culture, feng means wind and shui means water. Wind and water have long linked with good health, energy positive and constant. You do not need to be a feng shui expert to apply some of the principles in the home. Here are 5 easy feng shui tips that I’m sure you can use it!

Clean and Tidy

clean and tidy feng shui home

We usually lazy tidying the mess and live in a house that is falling apart. This will trigger stress and overwhelmed. The easiest way to keep trash from piling up is to do homework fastest once a week.

Indoor Quality Lighting

home quality lighting for positive feng shui

Dim lighting can drain our energy, so make sure each room has a proper amount of lighting. The easiest way is to provide a source of natural light. Installation of various light sources are required, of course, so you can have light at night or in rooms without big windows.

Bedroom Without Electronics

feng shui bedroom without electronic

For some people this might seem very difficult, but the quality of sleep and relaxation are very important to create good energy. And not only computers, but also your mobile phone. Believe electronics can reduce the quality of sleep.

Indoor Nature In

indoor feng shui with nature decor

Adding nature in the room is soothing and the five elements of Feng Shui (wood, earth, fire, water and metal) has a lot to do with the outside. pieces of wood furniture, plants and a fountain in the room are great ways to add nature to your home.

Choose Feng Shui Colors

home feng shui colors

In Feng Shui, color is very important. For example, if I wanted a room for relaxing, I could use the blue color to create a sense of calm. Or if you are a passionate, it can choose the color yellow for the workspace.

After applying some basic techniques of Feng Shui, you may begin to see a change in how you feel at home. Feng Shui can help you feel happier, more relaxed and energized. I hope this helps.

source: bellacor

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