20 Cheap And Creative Cinder Block Furniture

cinder block table bar and planters

Cinder block always were associated with college apartments, probably because it is relatively cheap and easy to obtain, besides versatile concrete turns can do great things. There are various advantages of using cinder blocks for furniture, besides they are really cheap, you do not need them or drill nailing them or other things like that, because they are so heavy that facilitate placement. And the good news of all is that cinder block furniture can also look beautiful. From cinder block table, chic shelves for storage, to simple blocks that can work wonders through small DIY touches. We have compiled a list of cinder block projects to your furniture, and even most of them do not require complicated techniques or tools. They just need some creative thinking from you!

cinder block table furniture


cinder block bedroom side tables


cinderblock TV cabinet


cinder block bedroom table ideas


cinder block cocktail bar


cinder block bed designs


cinder block bookshelf furniture


cinderblock table shelving decor


cinderblock garden rack shelf


cinder block garden rack shelving


colored cinderblock shelf


cinder block benches


cinder block vases


cinder block pot shelving ideas


cinder block workspace tables


modern neon cinder block gardens


cinder block garden bench design


cinder block sofa furniture


cinder block bed table with lamps

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