February 21, 2024

15 Pluggis Storage Solutions from IKEA

ikea pluggis storage solutions

One more my favorite collections from IKEA. It is the best storage solution for any room even if you only have narrow space. Actually this is not new but Pluggis storage series bring a contemporary feel to the needs organizations that can last a long time. Made of recycled PET plastic, you can put them wherever you need. They fit in a drawer, hang on a wall or stand on a table. IKEA Pluggis will allow you to sort out things such as makeup, office equipment or even magazines. I think they are also not too expensive for your pocket, so if you need some inspiration IKEA for cheap and practical should you look at the picture gallery below and find favorite ideas!

closet pluggis organization solutions from ikea


minimalist office organizer ideas


ikea pluggis bedroom side tables


pluggis storage rack ideas


make up shelves from ikea pluggis


ikea pluggis stackable recycling bins


night stand magazine from ikea


ikea pluggis hidden rail system


pluggis magazine files keep


ikea pluggis hack for phone charge


pluggis kitchen storage wall


ikea pluggis organization solutions


pluggis recycling bin for keep toys


balcony with ikea pluggis storage

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