Unique Rug Ideas by Secret Berbere

secret berbere rugs interior

Beautiful rug inspired from Atlas Mountains, Lamia and Wilfrid roam the mountains to meet people in the canoes bringing authentic Berbere rugs, ancient coins, unique and valuable they are then offered to secret berbere their website. Berbere rugs secret is an impressive and unique collection of rugs from different tribes such as Beni Ourain, Azilal Talsint, and Boucherouite. All of these carpets such as storytelling, they are always made ​​by women for a particular purpose. Each room is designed to support life of the rug is simple and formal design. Some rugs look older, they have been for artistic quality and originality, and the exclusion of all other technical aspects. Lamia and Wilfrid will tell you and tell the story of each piece. Look at amazing collection of rugs taken by photographer Julie Ansiau and discover the beauty of the area rug.

vintage rug decor


unique rug design


small closet rugs


secret berbere rugs with shelves rack


secret berbere living room rugs


secret berbere library rugs


secret berbere kitchen rugs


secret berbere dining room rugs


secret berbere bokkshelf rugs


secret berbere bedroom rugs


modern living room rug ideas


minimalist living area rugs


kitchen and dining area rugs


kids room rugs


contemporary living room rugs

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