Tawharanui House by RTA Studio

tawharanui house by RTA Studio

This Tawharanui house is seaside family retreat, designed by RTA Studio with an area 200 square meters. From the architect. Fifty years ago a small enclave of ‘Lockwood’ kit-set houses were constructed on these beach-front sites by our client’s parents and their friends. As the  family grew, the old much loved  ‘bach’ (New Zealand vernacular for small holiday house) became too small. In the spirit of the location and the scale of the original dwelling, we created – in its footprint – a respectful new building and mirrored it under a common roof to accommodate the two families. A third sleep-out building was located to complete the new arrangement of three buildings enclosing a variety of outdoor living spaces which can be used either privately by each family or communally as an extended family.

tawharanui house ocean view


tawharanui house seaside family retreat


tawharanui house designs


tawharanui house wooden interior

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