Rustic Wooden House in Denmark

rustic backyard garden in denmark

This beautiful home belonged to a family in Sealand, Denmark. Surrounded by stunning scenery and fresh atmosphere soothing, newly built wooden houses, but was immediate Scandinavian design almost in all parts. Combination of light and modern interior style looks comfortable with rustic touch. Living room has lots of windows let light integrated into the room, while the door opens directly overlooking the beautiful garden. You will also see vintage Turkish carpets that give color and warmth to the living room, I think carpet is the easiest thing to give instant color and warm atmosphere to a room. Bathroom became my favorite, how to put the elements of vintage wood and can be very harmonious. If you want to enjoy natural feel of rustic, you should check out more on their own.

wooden house living area


rustic wooden shower bathroom


rustic wooden kitchen house


rustic wooden bathroom designs


rustic living room with fireplaces


rustic house interior in demark


rustic garden ideas

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