February 21, 2024

Most Beautiful Interior Store in Amsterdam

sukha amsterdam

If you want to visit Amsterdam, do not forget to stop at Sukha most beautiful interiors store in Amsterdam. Sukha was founded by Irene Mertens, the concept is a home and clothing store located in Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam. Sukha in Sanskrit means “happiness”, and I agree that this store has a special characteristic that exudes joy. The type of goods offered mostly vintage or recycled, including the products offered under the Sukha label. This store is also proud to present the goods in charge produced under the principles of fair trade. Interior store which offers concepts and new sensations for the visitors, maybe you can find some cool ideas that inspire!

art dining interior store


sukha teepee store


beautiful interior store


most beautiful store concept


beautiful store shelving


amazing store ideas


beautiful store design


beautiful clothes store


vintage chair concept


paper birds store concept


hammocks and summer breezes


beautiful store ideas


beautiful hanging store concept


atelier sukha swing

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