Futuristic and Modern Pool Table by Porsche Design

futuristic and modern billiard pool table

Porsche Design Studio has redesign billiard table with futuristic and modern concept. Pool table called 24/7 Billiards Table has a very different look from usual billiard table you see or use. Porsche Design making billiard table 24/7 with simple design, minimal angle, and luxury without forgetting the robustness should be a billiard table. Handmade product, table 24/7 made from combination of aluminum and wood tulip tree. Aluminum usage on table 24/7 dimension 254 cm x 142 cm x 83 cm This makes the work of FA Porsche subsidiary quite light, weighing only 290 kg.

Each is equipped with pool table pockets are made from leather, plywood flooring prime quality table that has a choice of colors and rubber pads are optimized in order to keep the game fun. Besides Porsche Design also have included a set of artificial Aramith balls on each sale table 24/7 which is valued 47 thousand U.S. dollars. So if you are interested to have this pool table at home? Look at the picture below and find a lot of inspiration!

billiard pool table by porsche design


modern billiard pool tables


futuristic pool tables


modern and futuristic pool tables


white billiard pool table


billiard pool table color


black and white pool tables


black and white pool table by porsche design


black billiard tables


black billiard table designs

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