DIY Hanging Wall Banner Designs

Hanging Wall Banner Decor

This project is very interesting and I think everyone should have one for their home. First it was version without sewing, so that everyone can easily make it. Both banners are used to brighten your day. You can put them in the office or at home, so you can start looking for equipment needed to make item. This banner is actually designed as a reminder, I want to live best life and a bit full color. Both banners make me happy, they are really cool and I can make it anytime I want. Here are the steps you need to make your day more fun.

DIY Wall Banner


DIY Hanging Wall Banner


Wall Banner Designs


DIY Hanging Wall Banner Appliances

Cloth placemat (yellow and grey)
Iron on letters/material (make sure to read directions to see if you iron front or back of material)
Wood stick (found at Michael’s)
Liquid Stitch

First, turn to the backside of your placemat, place your wood stick at the top. Glue below and fold the placemat over. Let dry.
Glue up the two bottom corners at an angle to create the pointed bottom. Let dry.
To create your saying, you can either use precut iron-on letters or draw and cut out your own bubble letters on iron-on paper. (I like the more personal handwritten option).
Arrange your letters, iron for a minute on medium head.
Peal off backing.
Wrap string around the stick on each side and knot.

Hanging Wall Banner Ideas

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