February 22, 2024

Black and White Old Farmhouse in Swedish

old farmhouse in Swedish

I am always happy to write about an old farmhouse with an accompanying story. This time I will introduce a finishing house in black and white photograph that is located in the village of Gustaf, a two-hour drive northwest of Stockholm, Sweden. The house belonged to a photographer Magdalena Björnsdotter and her husband Erik Björklund, a product manager in the music industry, and their children, Olle 6 and Sixten as young as 4 years old. Eric passion for music sets the agenda for the cool and inviting style in a former farmhouse from the 1920s. Now this beautiful monochrome house has small details that warms monochrome palette, such as dark wood, amber colored glass, ceramics and rugs rustic with natural ingredients. Here are some cool black and white image of an old house with modern accents!

black and white old farmhouse
black and white living table
black and white chairs
old farmhouse
black and white bedroom
black and white pianos
black and white staircase
black and white photo wall
black and white kitchen

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