Biblioteka Restaurant with Kids Playrooms in St. Petersburg

kids playroom design in biblioteka restaurant

Biblioteka restaurant is the ideal place for families to enjoy good food while keeping their children. Located in St. Petersburg, has comfort with kids playroom so parents can eat in peace while their kids entertained and enjoy playing in their original toy library. Yeka Haski a local designer and illustrator, was commissioned to design a game room, where I want to project a fantasy world where children can play and stimulate your senses. All developmental toy library interior design is based on a story where the main character is Wivy cloud, who lives there with his friends.

biblioteka restaurant in Saint Petersburg

A large tree is the center of attention in the game room while the slide and also the home where the clouds Wivy life. There is also a children’s corner, led by a rainbow, full of pillow-shaped cloud in which we find a chest with lots of toys. The most creative can let their imagination in a big table to sit and read, do crafts or drawing there is even a large wall drawings that can be colored directly. At the end of the day, they can be cleaned so that they can try again.

If you look at the whole, harmony is achieved because the white space is the dominant color in the room: walls, floor, ceiling, and most of the furniture is white, so a touch of color to put trees, toys, children’s drawings themselves. Checking joy following playroom and find new experiences to enjoy the restaurant!

biblioteka restaurant with kids playrooms


biblioteka playroom trees


kids playroom with wall stickers


cute kids playrooms

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