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Minimalist balcony garden at home or apartment, could be an option for you to fill in the blanks on the balcony, rather than not be utilized optimally, even sometimes just left empty, not hurt you to take advantage balcony as a lovely little park. Small garden on the house balcony, have some benefits, such as greening and refreshing atmosphere in our view from space in house, and with nature plants that absorb carbon dioxide, this small garden can refresh room behind him, as it will absorb carbon from outside home, and will release oxygen which is refreshing, but it is also beneficial to beautify your home balcony. Narrow balcony area, makes it difficult to make a balcony garden, to overcome this, then we will use as the main medium for potted plants.

Note also that there are arrangements where plants do not get too much, even seemed dirty and an eyesore. Therefore, place your potted plants in the corner balcony, hanged, near the fence and so on are important not too cramped. If your fence is made of walls, you can use it with make room section concave, and given the growing media such as soil, to plant small plants there.

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